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Fresh Air Ventilator Or In Construction And Other Areas Of Focus
Dec 05, 2016

Fresh air ventilator based on indoor air on one side and the other side of the closed fan, indoors can create "air flow" principle of design and development. It relied on mechanical ventilation, fan forced forming air flow field in the system. Is a constant indoor air clean and fresh new green appliances. This independent indoor air replacement, circulatory system, able to eliminate the pollution of indoor air at the same time, enter the natural fresh air will enter the indoor air through filters, sterilizing, heating, aeration, and other items. It is understood that the ventilator air inlet two disciplinary action set air filter can filter dust particles, fibers and other impurities in the air, effectively block outside dust and other impurities from the air into the room the purposes of purification, hot swap parts and ensure that the host was dirt adhesion affect device performance.