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Fresh Air Handling Unit The Installation Points
May 17, 2017

 fresh Air Handling Unit According to the current situation, energy-saving, environmentally friendly new wind system and new wind facilities have become building, air-conditioning design warfare users around the core of concern, and we are very concerned about the fresh air ventilation machine is in this environment is shipped And students. According to the investigation and understanding, the atmosphere of pollution and weather changes need to adopt the same rather than break up the response strategy. Because the air pollution battle weather changes are very common on the flood level, that is, secondary by the formation of fossil fuel combustion emissions, so reduce the atmosphere of pollution control and pollution reduction of greenhouse gas emissions outside the action should be different.

    fresh Air Handling Unit Fresh air ventilator in accordance with the side of the room is close to the wind on the other side of the wind, is the interior will constitute a "new wind turmoil" truth to carry out the idea of research. It relies on the machine upwind, cited wind, is the system constitutes a new wind turmoil. Is a time to link the indoor atmosphere of dry and fresh new environmentally friendly electrical appliances. This kind of indoor atmosphere replacement, dirty cycle system, can lift the indoor pollution atmosphere at the same time, enter the natural new atmosphere, the input of the new wind before the first filter, sterilization, heating, oxygen and many other disposal.

  1. The fresh air ventilator is a small ventilator with a heat recovery device for the room. The main control parameters are air volume, static pressure loss, outlet full pressure, input power, effective ventilation rate, exchange efficiency, noise and so on.

2. The performance of the fresh air ventilator shall meet the requirements of Table 1, and the heat exchange efficiency value corresponding to the nominal air volume of the installation shall not be lower than that of Table 2.

3. In general, the fresh air temperature of about -10 ℃ or so, the exhaust side may appear frost, the device can be installed in the air preheater. The following are the same as the "

4. The selection of the device should also meet the requirements of other standards and specifications.

Fresh air ventilation construction, installation points

5.. Order should be marked with fresh air refueling kit varieties and quantity, including: duct, elbow, interface parts, seals and plugs and so on.

6.. In the vicinity of the fresh air ventilator set with a special grounding with the socket or switch, switch position should be considered easy to operate; according to the need to use the linkage switch, delay switch or body sensor switch.

7.fresh Air Handling Unit The shape, material and color of the fresh air ventilator should be adapted to the interior decoration requirements.

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