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Fresh Air Handling Unit Cooling System Which Problems Most Often
Dec 05, 2016

1. water system due to the top opening systems, cooling water through the cooling tower is full and exposed to the air, is cooled at the same time will be a lot of dust and other impurities in the air is introduced to the water system, the deposits in the cooling towers, air conditioning units and pipe forming sludge, reduced water flow, effects of heat exchange.
2. After the system is put into use, installation remain within the system of welding slag, scrap iron, dirt, oil and other impurities can accumulate in the system; welding slag, iron filings and other hard substances is attached to the surface of the heat exchanger, affect heat transfer.
3. and cooling water for and air contact, in cooling tower in the and pipeline in will breeding algae, and bacteria, microbial, its died of body and mud, and oil, debris stick attached in with, attached in equipment and pipeline Shang, effect cycle water and the for hot, while, microbial and deposition of produced, prompted thick poor corrosion battery of formed and the scale Xia corrosion of produced, to makes metal of corrosion speed increased. Chilled water systems often use running water through water tank for water recharge, also produce this phenomenon.
4. relatively high temperature of cooling water system, both of which use running water, Ca2+, Me2+ ion heating forms carbonic acid salt scale, attached to the equipment and piping, thermal conductivity due to scale 0.464~0.697W/M.K, carbon steel for the thermal conductivity of 46.4~52.2W/M.K, only 1% of carbon steel, reducing the heat transfer of heat exchanger, may lead to higher operating costs.