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Fan-coil Noise How To Deal With
Dec 05, 2016

It is understood that due to the limits of the current technology, all kinds of fan-coil the actual noise level is generally high, domestic noise of fan coil has reached the international level.
In such cases, Pacific linkage think fan coil units main causes of excessive noise are as follows:
Fee due to the fan-coil unit installation and configuration in different ways, noise levels are high or low. Units for different locations of fan coil for testing showed that when the air blower plate Tube at high speed, the noise limit values for NC-45, lower NC-35; when the fan-coil open low speed limit value NC-40, lower to NC-25.
Indoor fan coil caused by in view of the above reasons for excessive noise problems, baoxin recommends that users use the following countermeasures:
When users in the selection of the fan-coil should be considered on the level requirements on how quiet the room fan-coil unit installation location. In on quiet degree requirements high of bedroom for installation Shi, can in wind machine disc tube of export to room sent outlet Zhijian of wind tube do muffler processing, column type wind machine disc tube should installation in away from bed and table of location, its out outlet Shang also can added muffler device; on quiet degree requirements General of, can selection medium noise field level of horizontal or vertical wind machine disc tube.