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Distribution Of Fire Smoke Fans Should Pay Attention To The Normative
Dec 05, 2016

(1) is a fan of power-supply up to tall buildings load levels. Research on the power supply line is not received from the fire, but to the floor lighting distribution box, some design uses a single-loop distribution line, some design set ends to the power automatic switch device are not up to the circuit in the special primary and secondary power supply load requirements. Set end of automatic switching device requirements.
(2) is laid distribution line installation does not meet the requirements. Some distribution lines of fire smoke fan wear PVC pipe, some in metal tubes do not brush fire retardant coatings, pipe resistance to fire requirements are not met.
A. high-rise civil building smoke-preventing stairwell of the podium and front room, sharing the room or front room before the fire elevator when the podium above the spear "window can be opened for natural smoke and podium section does not have the natural smoke conditions, its front room specifications or antechamber is not set positive pressure air supply system.
B. more than 20 metres of natural smoke-free walkways, some designers because of smoke-preventing stairwell connected front room has natural smoke, which has natural smoke conditions. Not according to specifications set mechanical smoke extraction facilities.