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Difference Between Air Conditioning And PM2.5 Fresh Air Ventilator
Dec 05, 2016

1. updated with an outdoor fresh air indoors due to housing and living and polluted the air in order to maintain indoor air levels reach a certain minimum standard of cleanliness. This feature can remove PM2.5, the answer is Yes you can. Good home air system can maximize not only lower PM2.5 pollution can also get rid of home ventilation germs caused these problems.
2. the function is to increase body heat and prevent the discomfort caused by the skin moist, this category is known as thermal comfort and ventilation. That is used in the ventilation system to keep the heat balance of human body and moisture balance, prevent physical index is not caused by illness.
3. the feature is extending service life of building cooling ventilation.
High penetration of outdoor air system in European and American countries, China is rising over the years, but now the country's serious air pollution, it is necessary to install a. Convenient and practical.