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Central Air Conditioning Terminal Unit Structure
May 10, 2017

Narrow of the end of the equipment only refers to the central air conditioning system to the hot and cold into the final part of the room. The central air conditioning system is typically composed of cold and heat sources, transmission and distribution systems, air handling equipment and end devices. The cold and heat sources are used to provide the energy required for cooling or heating, that is, we often say that the main unit (outdoor unit) That is, the cold and hot water generated by the cold and hot water / wind transport to the required place, that we often say that the duct system / water system, air treatment equipment used to produce the required air, such as air conditioning box, fresh air unit, air Processing units and other equipment, the end of the device is the hot and cold into the room the last part, including the radiator, all kinds of air supply, fan coil, floor heating / cooling and so on. Broadly speaking, we put the air handling equipment and the terminal device collectively referred to as the end device.

Therefore, from the professional point of view, the end is to complete the air cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification and filtration process used by the corresponding combination of equipment.

The central air conditioning end fan coil system is a water system that normally serves the surrounding area of the building. This is a wide-ranging and economical system that can be used to handle independent control areas in buildings that are not the same in load characteristics. In addition to other centralized air handling systems, only a small amount of space is required for the entire building, and it is easier to install than the other air handling systems in the completed building.

The following section is a brief introduction to this system, including a detailed description of a switchable dual control system, a four-pipe system, and a dual-tube system with auxiliary heating. And lists their characteristics so that the designer can select, evaluate, apply their basic system form or other variations.

Central air conditioning end fan coil structure:

(1) fan, the fan used in two forms, namely centrifugal multi-leaf and cross-flow style.

(2) fan motor, due to the requirements of the unit noise, the general use of capacitive circuit, running to change the motor input voltage to motor speed, to change the size of the unit air volume.

(3) coil, the general use of copper string made of aluminum, the number of rows of coils is generally two rows or three rows.

(4) air filters, filter materials are generally made of coarse foam or fabric fabric.

(5) adjustment device, the general unit has three gears to adjust the air volume. (High, medium and low third gear), adjust the air flow range of about 50%.

Basic Parameters and Mutual Transformation of Central Air - conditioning Terminal Fan Coil.

Fan coil basic parameters: air volume, cooling capacity, heat, static pressure, noise, water resistance, input power, water supply, water temperature difference.

(Optional), room or machine temperature sensor (optional), fresh air valve (optional); (2) Optional part: The configuration of the device in order to add a project function.