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Central Air Conditioning Terminal Unit Choose A Note
May 17, 2017

 Central Air Conditioning Terminal Unit Fan coil is the ideal end of the central air conditioning products, by the heat exchanger, water pipes, filters, fans, water tray, exhaust valve, bracket and other components. Fan coil mainly rely on the forced action of the fan, so that the air through the heater surface is heated, thus strengthening the radiator and air convection heat transfer between the air can quickly heat the room. Wuhu, such as Sen air conditioning cleaning, fan coil is the end of the air conditioning system device, its working principle is the unit within the continuous recycling of the room air, the air through the cold water (hot water) coil was cooled (heated) to Keep the room temperature constant. Usually, the fresh air through the new air unit after treatment into the room to meet the air conditioning room fresh air volume needs. Because this heating method is only based on convective heat transfer, which caused the room to achieve the best level of comfort, it is only suitable for people with shorter residence time.

Central air conditioning fan coil end selection Note:

 Central Air Conditioning Terminal Unit First, the noise problem: This is the current domestic products and foreign products, a large gap between the local coil is also due to quality problems and complaints of a point. The cause of this problem is more than the coil in the motor and fan configuration and match unreasonable. Another reason is the strict quality management of manufacturers, assembly workers are not strong sense of responsibility, resulting in product quality is not stable. So we look at a manufacturer of products should be consulted by the national authority of the quality inspection department issued by the product (note that we must be ordered to order several products) noise test report. For the selection of large quantities of the project should be on-site sampling to send the relevant quality inspection departments.

  Central Air Conditioning Terminal Unit Second, the amount of air: At present, we are in the specific engineering design is often based on the calculated cooling load by consulting the manufacturers of samples to select the fan coil. How to consider the air volume of the coil is a problem. Most of the domestic manufacturers of the coil manufacturers are only a three-row tube, but there are manufacturers to provide two-tube coil. I believe that for most of the civil construction air conditioning system in terms of the choice of two-tube coil is more favorable (for high humidity occasions exception). This is because the two rows of pipe products in the same amount of cold air under the larger, which will increase the number of air-conditioned room ventilation, help improve air conditioning accuracy and comfort. The same cold capacity, the use of small temperature difference, the amount of wind blowing, will be made than the temperature difference, a small amount of air supply better air conditioning effect.