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Air Conditioning Unit Installation Matters
May 10, 2017

With the weather warming, and immediately have to enter the air conditioning maintenance season. Is the so-called, clever and difficult to cook without rice, so if you want to air conditioning in the field, would like to fast and good solution to air conditioning problems, standing below the air conditioning maintenance tools!

In the air conditioner to charge refrigerant before the first system to remove the air, the system becomes a vacuum, which will use the vacuum pump, the system vacuum directly affect the quality of the air conditioner, when the system contains other gases , The system will be high and low pressure will increase, increasing the load on the compressor, reducing the cooling efficiency, especially when the system contains more water, the harm will be greater, the system will make the water insulation compressor resistance Down, corrosion compressor and system piping, so that frozen oil deterioration, resulting in ice block, causing a series of failures. When two copper tubes are docked, it is necessary to insert a copper tube into the other copper tube. In this case, it is often necessary to swell the inner diameter of the end of the copper tube so that the other copper tube can be inserted in a consistent manner. So that the two brass can be welded firmly, and not prone to leakage, the role of expansion device is based on the need for different specifications of the copper tube expansion. Expansion tube, the first tube will be annealed into the pipe pipe corresponding pore size, the length of copper tube clamp clamp pipe with the diameter of the different, large diameter copper tube, expansion tube length should be large Point, the diameter of the small copper tube, expansion tube length is smaller, for Ф8 copper tube, the general expansion of the length of about 10mm, tighten the ends of the clamp clamp nut, so that the copper tube is firmly clamped, insert the required Caliber of the expansion of the head, clockwise slowly swivel expansion of the screw, swollen to the required length, expansion device.

Modular air conditioning units in the installation of these 11 matters, we may have to pay attention! After the use of certainly!

1, the unit should be placed on the high 50-100 mm large mud on the table, the wall side of the need to leave one meter of space, convex plane requirements of flat, horizontal, a variety of functional sections with bolts, between paragraphs Sealed with foamed polyethylene, do not make air leakage phenomenon.

2, the unit is generally sub-transport, the unit is greater than the ZK60A spare parts transport, on-site assembly, the unit itself has a 100mm high foot steel channel.

3, modular air conditioning unit installation, should remove the product brochures and packing list check, and check the integrity of the parts, the pieces scrub clean, grease, check the air valve, fan and other parts of the flexibility The

4, the table around the cold section should be reserved for drainage, for condensate discharge, condensate water outlet should be set to seal, water seal height of 80-100mm.

5, the installation, the joints of the joints coated with sealant (or other filler), to prevent leakage caused by the phenomenon.

6, out of the water pipe in the unit must be equipped with a valve to adjust the flow and maintenance when cutting off the cold (hot) water.

7, when the unit selected humidification section, the humidification section of the water pipe should be installed valves, and the basic pressure required to enter the water.

8, and the unit connected to the duct and water pipes and other weight shall not be borne by the unit.

9, the insulation wall before installation, should check the fan wheel rotation direction is correct.

10, the unit after all the installation is completed, should be commissioned, not in full air valve under the conditions of the start, so as not to start the current is too large to burn the motor, running 8 hours without abnormal phenomenon as qualified.

11, the unit should be well grounded.