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How to choose fresh air ventilator
Dec 05, 2016

1. fresh air ventilation for the room with small ventilation with heat recovery equipment. Selection of main control parameters for air volume, static pressure losses, export, effective air exchange rate, exchange rate, input power, noise and so on.
2. fresh air ventilator performance should meet the requirements of table 1, the device corresponds to the nominal air flow heat exchange efficiency value is not less than the requirements of table 2.
3. in General, when outdoor air temperatures around-10 degrees Celsius, the exhaust side frost may occur, be located before the device of air preheater.
4. selection of device should meet the other requirements of the relevant standards and specifications.
Construction, installation of fresh air ventilator
1. fresh air ventilator Kit to be given when ordering and quantity, including: air duct, elbows, connectors, seals and plugs etc.
2. can set special fresh air ventilator near grounding outlet or switch, switch position should be considered easy to operate as needed optional switches, inertia switch or sensor switch for human linkage.
3. fresh air ventilator of shapes, materials and colors should be adapted to the interior decoration requirements.