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Fire valve and setting requirements for smoke fire dampers
Dec 05, 2016

1, in one of the following conditions of ventilation and air conditioning system duct set fire control valve
(1) fire control valve pipe crossing the fire-resistant partition walls;
(2) pipe, ventilation, air conditioning room and important fire risk large room or partition walls and floors;
(3) vertical duct horizontal duct junction with each layer of horizontal pipe
(4) piping through the slot on each side.
These parts of the fire damper, when the temperature of the gas in the pipe in a fire up to 70OC, then automatically turns off.
2, fire control valve exhaust system separated:
(1) in the smoke room entrance, set when the flue gas temperature is more than 280OC can automatically turn off the smoke fire dampers. Smoke machines can should be at least 280OC work 30MIN;
(2) setting when the flue gas temperature at the exhaust pipe exceeds 280C can be closed automatically when the smoke fire dampers.