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Fan-coil selection method
Dec 05, 2016

(A) according to the operational environmental recirculated air flow options:
Recirculated air flow area the room is, higher layer (after the ceiling) and room ventilation rate is the product of the three is a circulation of room air. In accordance with the circular air flow corresponds to the fan-coil the high-speed air flow, fan-coil models can be determined.
(B) according to the room cooling load options that you want:
According to the load per unit area and room size, room cooling load values required can be obtained. Corresponds to fan coil room cooling load of air at high speed cooling fan-coil models can be determined.
Models to identify, also need to determine how the installation of fan coil mounted or installed, sent back by the end of the end of airflow pattern, side bottom and hose connection position (left or right), and so on.