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Fan-coil principle
Dec 05, 2016

Wind machine disc tube usually expansion tube process, increased has heat exchanger copper tube and foil of close contact, heat transfer performance good; reasonable of wind machine and air structure design, quality of sucking sound insulation material, makes unit noise below national standards 1-3dB (a,); wind machine disc tube energy low: wind machine and heat exchanger reasonable match, three document can adjustable air, makes wind machine electricity most province.
Fan coil relies mainly on wind force the air through the heater surface heating, thus strengthening the radiator and convective heat transfer between the air quickly heats the air in the room. Fan-coil air-conditioning system end equipment, within their work units continue to recycle the air in the room, the air through the cold water (hot water) after the coil is cooled (heat) to maintain a constant room temperature. In General, fresh air through air supply unit into the room, to meet the needs of the fresh air volume in air-conditioning room.
Due to this method of heating is based on convection, and interior are not up to the best level of comfort, it is applied only to places people stay for a short time, such as offices and hotels, hospitals, restaurants, factories, hospitals, exhibition halls, shopping malls and office buildings air conditioning of the room or space, industrial and civil construction. Because of the increased fan, raised cost and operation cost, maintenance and management of equipment is also more complicated.