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Different functions of various types of fire prevention valves
Dec 05, 2016

1. normally open type smoke fire dampers feature:
1, normally open, and fire occurs, output DC24V power supply by the control centre, the valve automatically closes.
2, when the pipe temperature reaches 280 ℃, the fuses, the valve automatically closes.
3, the output valve closed signal interlocking exhaust fan stopped.
4, manually shut down and manually open it.
2. normally closed type smoke fire dampers, also known as the second movement of smoke fire dampers feature:
1, usually in closed state, when the fire broke out, the control center input DC24V power supply, valve rapid opening.
2, the output signal of valve opening and interlocking fire exhaust fan.
3, manual on, manual reset turned off.
4, when the pipe temperature reaches 280 ℃, fuses, valve closes again.