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Characteristics of exhaust fan
Dec 05, 2016

1. the exhaust air is selected for the main control parameters for temperature, wind, pressure, efficiency, noise, power, speed and shaft power.
2. smoke exhaust ventilator in medium temperature not higher than 85 ° c under conditions of normal operation for a long time.
3. the exhaust fan shall ensure that, when the medium temperature at 280, can continue working 30min, and still when the medium temperature is cooled to ambient temperature can continue normal operation.
4. below the rated speed, work area, the measured pressure of the fan curve and the curve given in the specifications should meet the following requirements:
A) axial exhaust fan at the required flow rate, the pressure value deviation is ± 5%.
B) provisions of centrifugal exhaust fan flow rate, the pressure value deviation is ± 5%.
5. exhaust fan in the manual under the conditions given in points than a sound level of noise limits shall conform to the provisions of JB/T8690-1998.
6. exhaust fan can adopt common steel centrifugal fan or a dedicated exhaust axial-flow ventilator. Exhaust air conditioning fan specifications in accordance with the provisions of the code for fire protection design of tall buildings. 7200m/h is the minimum air volume of exhaust air fan, maximum air flow should not exceed 60000m/h (of a maximum air flow smoke partitions).
7. exhaust fan air conditioning fan air volume increased according to the needs of not less than 10%~20% the rich.